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Poker Hands: Learn The Hands of Poker Before Playing Poker For Money

Poker Hand Rankings
If you’re unfamilair with the many hands of poker, this guide will help you educate yourself. Below is a listing of all the major poker hands with a brief description. The hands are odered from the best to the worse, with the top poker hand being unbeatable.
Any four cards that are of the same face value
Suit is non-relevant
Four of a kind is only beaten by either a Straight or Royale Flush
Any five cards of the same Suit
Face-value is non-relevant
A Flush is beaten by a full house, 4 of a kind, and Straight or Royal flushes
Any five cards of more than one suit in sequence
Suit is not relevant
Straights beat three of a kind, two pairs, a pair, and a high card

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