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Texas Hold’em Rules and etiquette: make sure you know them before playing!

Texas Hold’em is believed to have its origins in Texas – hence the name. The game involves a set of 5 cards, 2 of which are placed face-down while the remaining 3 cards are flop cards which will be exposed.

Texas Hold’em rules and guidelines

Texas Hold’em follows a certain set of rules and guidelines:As mentioned earlier, the 3 flop cards are exposed first as betting beginsSubsequent rounds involve revealing one of the two face-down cards at each roundEvery round is followed by a round of bettingOnce every players’ cards have been exposed, the player with the winning hand gets to take all the wagers placed in the potThe reason why the game is considered so tough is because over the years there have been a series of combinations to win a hand. Till date, no one really knows what the winning combination isThe Texas Hold’em rules have evolved over the years in a gradual manner. Various combinations, revealing of hands etc. have given rise to the modern set of rules for the gameSome people prefer the traditional rules used in the game while others prefer the modern day rules as they’re more direct.

Dos and don’ts of Texas Hold’em

Just as in any other game, in, there are some standard dos and don’ts people need to follow for Texas Hold’em. Here we outline some of them:Only English should be used while talking: This is a prerequisite while playing the game in the United States. Only the English language is to be used while talking at the poker table.Move away from the table while using cell phone: It is considered basic etiquette to move away from the poker table if you’re using your cell phone or any other similar form of communication. Do not by any means leave your cell phone behind or any flashing camera or other such device on the poker table.Do not discuss play during the hand: It goes without saying that while playing a hand, you should never discuss the game with other opponents.Do not exchange chips: You must also take care to ensure that you never exchange the poker chips with other opponents at any time during the game, no matter what the reason is.

Also make sure all the chips are always visible.Indecisiveness can cost you a call: Other players can call your bet if you’re happening to take an unreasonable amount of time because of a lack of decision. If you do not act within the designated time, chances are your hand goes dead.Dealer’s mistake can discard the game: In case the dealer makes a mistake while dealing and exposes a pocket card, the entire game has to be discarded immediately and treated as a misdeal. In such cases the dealer bears the brunt of the penalty.Do not act out of your turn: It goes without saying that you need to wait out your turn. Acting out of turn can result in a penalty.Only the first betting motion will be considered: If you’re making a conjunction of two or more bets, remember that only the first bet will be considered.Ultimate discretion rests on the coordinator: Usually the coordinator of a tournament may decide to cancel or postpone an event depending on certain circumstances. He will take such an action only with the best interests of the players and the game. In such cases the theory part of Texas Hold’em rules need not apply – as the circumstances may be unusual for such rules to apply.

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